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Training the technique of skating and basics of hockey, lessons for goalkeepers under the guidance of a qualified and attentive coach:

- training skating from scratch;
- basic techniques with stick and puck;
- training and improving technique and tactics of goalkeepers;

- advice on nutrition, self-training;
- individual training for amateur hockey players;
- team training

+375 (29) 145-09-25


Individual approach for children and adults:
- Individual method of teaching skating skills;
- Personal selection of training drills for stick and puck technique;
- Individual training for goalkeepers, beginner, amateur and professional levels.


Do you play in an amateur team? Do you need a coach? We offer team training in the following areas:


- skating skills training;
- mastering stick and puck techniques: passing, receiving, throwing a puck;
- tactics training with the distribution of players (exit from the zone, entry into the zone, playing in majority, minority, etc.)


Sosik Maksim

Master in Pedagogy,
Ice hockey coach

Born on 19 August, 1990 in Belarus, Minsk.

Graduated from the ice hockey school "Junost'-Minsk".

Trained and played in the hockey teams of the Minsk "Dynamo" (the highest league and extra league), Hockey club "Brest".

Candidate for the junior team (U-18) of the Republic of Belarus.

In 2012 graduated from the Belarusian State University of Physical Education with a specialty in hockey coach.

In 2017 received a Master's Degree in Pedagogy.

Since 2012 worked as a hockey coach in the state children's hockey school "Junost'-Minsk".

Many times took part in international camps and training sessions with the participation of famous athletes and specialists.


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+375 (29) 145-09-25

ИП Сосик Максим Викторович

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